Monster Tennis

Monster Tennis 1.0.0

Play tennis against monsters


  • Novel concept
  • Funny to play for a while


  • Horrendous music
  • Poor animation and collision detection

Not bad

I'm sure you've played many tennis games before, but I bet never you've never tried one with monsters in it.

Monster Tennis is a spooky version of the popular sport, which sounds like an interesting concept on paper, but playing the game turns out to be a bit of a nightmare. The first thing you'll notice when you load up Monster Tennis is the horrific music. The plinky-plonky ditty is so dreadful that I had to reach for the 'Sound Off' setting within a couple of minutes of play.

The graphics aren't quite so bad, some of the characters in Monster Tennis are quite funny and original, although all are poorly animated. What's more, the collision detection leaves a lot to be desired.

In terms of its gameplay, Monster Tennis is amusing for a little while and hitting the ball over the net while avoiding missiles thrown by the monsters represents a good challenge. having said that, in general I found the whole Monster Tennis experience very slow and clunky.

I'll give Monster Tennis some credit for its originality but this one certainly isn't the next Virtua Tennis.

Monster Tennis


Monster Tennis 1.0.0

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